Feel free to ask staff members for further clarification.

Underlying Philosophy

While numerous, our rules are meant to be as standard as possible, and operate under the common principle of common sense. If something seems unethical, or is a loophole in the rules, it's either best not to do it, or ask a staff member for clarification. Consequences for breaking the rules will generally depend on the staff's perception of intent.

  • If you think a rule should be changed, or added, feel free to suggest it on our forums! We'd love to hear your feedback in order to best benefit our playerbase.
  • Please note that the following is an elaboration on the rules and policies on Monologica. For a quicker summary of the rules, use /rules in-game.
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    Destruction of property
    Do not purposefully destroy the property of other players. While this is prevented in most town claimed area, you are also not allowed to grief in unclaimed areas. This only applies to the main world (and associated end and nether), and not resource worlds.
    World Considerations
    Destruction of property rules only apply to the main world. Since resource worlds reset, griefing rules do not apply.
    Inappropriate Builds
    Do not purposefully build distasteful or offensive structures. This includes, but is not limited to the following: swasticas (of any orientation), genitalia, etc.
    Chest Theft
    Do not purposefully steal from containers. You must have the item owner's permission to take from chests.


    Real money trade (RMT)
    Real money trade is not allowed on Monologica This includes exchange of in-game currency for real-world items, and vice-versa.
    Do not scam other players. This includes false description of sold goods, not adhering to consensual trade conditions, grossly overpricing goods, etc. Feel free to contact staff for case-by-case clarification of a scam.
    Sale of towns or builds
    It is perfectly fine to sell a build or town, provided that you have full ownership over the item in question. By no means are you allowed to sell something which is not yours.
    If you would like to request a refund on items purchased from our store, please contact a staff member. Refund requests will be processed as possible, should they be deemed fair. Unlawful chargebacking is fraud and may result in a ban, or further action.

    Chat Rules

    Please do your best to keep public chat in our main language, English. You are, however, free to converse in any language in private chat channels.
    Do not purposefully send the same message repeatedly, in a short period of time. This also extends to spamming death messages. Generally annoying messages to elicit attention, such as "L()()K," etc. are also prohibited.
    Using capital letters is generally fine. However, keep in mind that full capitalization should be used sparingly. Excessive use of capitalization may lead to minor repercussions.
    Advertising other servers
    Do not use Monologica as a platform to advertise other servers. However, we recognize that other servers do exist. With that said, mentioning other servers in conversation is generally fine (within reason), but keep in mind that you may be asked to move to a private chat channel, or asked to stop outright.
    Advertising your platform(s)
    Do not advertise your platforms, services, products, etc. on Monologica. Discussing things such such as youtube content is permissible so long as it is done tastefully. In other words, spamming them in chat, bringing them up despite a clear lack of interest, etc. is prohibited. Generally, it's best practice not to advertise your platform(s), and staff may ask you to stop.

    Cheating and Exploitation

    Alternate accounts
    Do not use alternate accounts for any purpose that has a non-cosmetic effect. Generally, the rule is one account per person. Any players using alternate accounts to evade bans may have their right to appeal their ban revoked.
    Third-party modifications
    Unfair third-party modifications, or "hacks," are not allowed on monologica. This includes, but is not limited to the following: x-ray texture packs or modifications, "hacked" clients or mods, etc.
    What mods are allowed?
    Modifications that provide only cosmetic or technical effects, such as shaders, optifine, etc. are allowed. Minimaps are allowed so long as they do not provide an overwhelming benefit. Feel free to contact us if you'd like clarification on a certain mod, or would like it added to this list.
    Abusing technical issues (bugs) on the server for personal gain is prohibited. Please report any bugs you may find on our forums.

    Mutual Respect

    Do not use teleportation mechanics to kill other players. This includes teleporting (to) other players, intending to kill them. This includes death traps, portal traps, etc.
    Malicious behaviour & harassment
    Do not harass, bully, or be overly rude to other players, including staff members. Be mindful of other backgrounds, viewpoints, religions, etc. As this is highly subjective, staff will decide where to draw the line. Releasing someone's personal information ("doxxing") is not tolerated.
    Respecting staff members
    We fully expect that you treat staff members, like other players, with respect. If you have reason to believe that a staff member is not performing adequately, or is abusing their position, please contact the owner as soon as possible. Should a staff member instruct you to do something, it is expected that you follow. Deliberately not doing so may result in punishment.
    Regarding crude language
    Use of crudge language, such as swearing, is permitted. However, ensure that in doing so, you are not breaking any other rules, such as harassment, or spamming. Refrain from being excessively vulgar in public (general) chat. You may be asked to stop, or take it to private chat channels. Excessive vulgarity, such as continual discussion of genetalia, or other inappropriate topics, is forbidden. Usage of, or derivatives of, "nigger", "faggot", "cunt" are not allowed and may result in warnings, mutes, or a ban. Racism, homophobia, or other strong forms of prejudice are also not tolerated.

    Server & Mechanics

    Causing server lag
    Do not purposefully create or use a mechanism which creates lag. Buildings, mechanisms, etc. which cause lag may be removed by staff members. Try to keep a low performance footprint!
    Keeping the main world clean
    Please keep the main world's surface habitable! We would greatly appreciate if you kept your resource gathering, especially of dirt, sand, etc. in the resource worlds. While you will not be banned for this, keep in mind that destruction of the main world may be rolled back.