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An RPG-style minecraft server with players in mind.

Monologica aims to provide an experience which touches on core aspects of rpg-like servers without falling into the cookie-cutter build. Enjoy familiar, yet fresh concepts, in a clean, polished package.


Item Stats

Unique items & loot system with interactive upgrades


Land claiming and player collaboration plugin


An improvement over the classic jobs system

Fame System

Introduction to our professions & main progress system.

Getting an Income.

The fame and professions system are closely linked. There are two profession types: gathering professions, and crafting professions. Only gathering professions will provide an income. You can see a clean list of professions in-game by using /prof info.

Increasing your Fame.

Every time you level up your professions by doing them, you'll also gain a fame level. You can also increase your fame by directly spending the in-game money you obtain from professions. Leveling up your fame level gives you fame points, which you can invest into stats!

Investing in Fame Stats.

Invest fame points into stats by clicking the emerald in the /fame menu. Investing in fame stats can make both combat, and everyday tasks easier! Consider your choices wisely, however, as it requires a tome of regret to re-allocate your points!

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Our promise is simple: we will never stray from our core gameplay experience.

That means no networks, hubs, or minigame nonsense. Monologica is, and will remain, a survival server forever.

Our Dedicated Hardware

Intel i7 4790k

4GHz /4.4GHz


1600 MHz

2 x 240GB NVMe SSDs

Software RAID